The Tribe’s Interactions with the Outside World

May 3, 2023

Pataxó believes that he has a mission to connect with our world to help his people and help the planet. He had to learn and study the Portuguese language so that he could go around the world and do his speeches. Although he studies a different language he has an essence in his heart that he has to return to his people knowing that he fulfilled his missions of educating others and not losing his culture. 

Pataxó is developing a project that he believes will change the world. Every time someone buys one of his artwork during his speeches, the money is reverted to planting sixty thousand trees and building accommodations for the tribe. 

“Sometimes people think that helping is giving money, but we don’t agree with that. We do not accept money from anyone,” said Pataxó. “Once you give money to people, you are preventing them from developing their activities, and maintaining their culture. The moment you buy art like this, you will encourage us to maintain our traditions, maintain our culture, maintain our art and give us autonomy in life.”

Their tribe believe that money is the least important thing, he believes that helping the village is not based on the financial system but instead it is based on feeling, respect, living together and caring for others.

In September, Pataxó’s tribe will be open for the public to visit. They will build housing for any type of people from across the world who want to have access to the village. This idea (opening the tribe) came up after talking with the elders for over 5 years because they believe that men all over the world have to learn the values of life and return to their bond with the man and nature he lost due to several environmental impacts in the world.

“We are opening up our village so that these people can go there, cultivate the land, and interact with Mother Nature and the natives. At the end of their stay this person will plant a tree. This person is helping the planet, his generation and the future generation because we believe that we have to leave a legacy here,” said Pataxó.

If you want to help the tribe, one of the best solutions according to Pataxó is planting a tree.

“We believe that the only way to save the planet is to plant trees because trees have the role of filtering impurities caused by the industries and cars. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen,” said Pataxó. “If you want to help the planet… plant a tree, because that way you will also be helping yourself.”

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