What is the Significance of Passover?

April 13, 2023

Out of all the Jewish holidays, Passover is one of the most symbolic holidays on the Jewish calendar. Passover finds its significance in many forms, a prevalent one being that it serves as a powerful learning opportunity for Jewish youth.

“The Passover meals were also super significant because they taught me about my past and religious history,” said junior Binyomin Finkelman. “We’ve been doing seders since the year I was born and Passover was always a holiday of family and bringing us together” he said.

For other Jewish students like senior Salomon Bibas, the significance of Passover lies in its emphasis on remembrance and curiosity.

“My key takeaways from Passover are to never forget the story of the Jews in Egypt and the hardships the Israelites faced as well as realizing the importance of passing it on to younger generations,” said Bibas. 

Bibas also mentioned that one of his favorite aspects of the holiday was that you’re encouraged to ask questions. Throughout the seder, everyone (especially younger guests) is encouraged to ask any and all the questions they might have. The reason being is that when the Jews were enslaved in Egypt, they were not allowed to question authority or voice their own thoughts. Therefore, to celebrate the ideals of freedom, questions make up a key aspect of most seders.

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