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Head Football Coach and poetry class teacher Earl Sims has recently published a book. It is a compilation of poetry called “Seasons,” and is available on Amazon.

Sims’ Softer Side: Head Football Coach Earl Sims Publishes Poetry Collection

Many know Coach Earl Sims as the head coach of our varsity football team, but many may not know about his creative side as a published poet. Sims recently unveiled his poetry in a collection called “Seasons.”

Sims has used poetry as a creative outlet for many years, writing about topics like love, faith, nature, and more. He expresses his gratitude for the outpouring of support for his book.

“My book is a compilation of several years of emotions,” he said.

Sims has been writing down thoughts for many years, without knowing that he was going to end up making a book. Sims explains why he writes things down instead of telling people, saying,  “I am a private person, so my emotions get bottled up.”

Sims believes poetry is a relief and a way to express emotions. He writes poetry about topics including faith, peace, love, nature, and struggle. One of Sims’ favorite poems included in the collection is called “Peace.” An excerpt of this poem can be found below the article.

Sims is grateful for the amount of people that have supported him throughout this process. He first read his poems to his peers and family members, saw their reaction and decided to put them all together to form a book. 

He designed the book for readers to be taken on what he calls a “journey” through his chapters of life. 

“I named it Seasons because although we have 4 seasons in nature, there are several ones in life.” Sims continues to be a role model for both students around the school with his passion and love for life and poetry. 

Two Poetry Excerpts from Seasons


A device that appeals to all of the senses…
And since it’s…the description
Of my experience,
It’s dense,
The many layers of my existence.
It’s intense,
Burning, fiery flames
Consumed by the monsoon of rain.
This is just one example of extremes.
Many others exist with different themes.
Creating a compromised disposition of being
Between ancient hopes, current state, and destiny of my dreams.
Episodes of events that happen unrehearsed
Yet captured and held captime
By descriptive verse
An infinite catalogue of my own life
In my own words
In the form
Of a poem.



The silence in sound
The origin of PEACE
But by realizing
Each Piece of good and bad
Has its Place
In our world.
So, peace is a decision
The revision of our thoughts
To understand
The plan set for us
Was created before us. 

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