Let Go of Frozen 1 and Glide into the New Frozen Adventure


Pedro Schmeil, Video Editor and staff writer

Fans of the Frozen franchise are invited to join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven into a brand new adventure that will put love, sisterhood, and friendship to the test. The top hit movie Frozen (2013) made a comeback when its sequel arrived in theaters on November 22 . It was worth the hype, Frozen 2 is just as much of a hit as the original.

This new adventure takes place two years after the first movie and Snow Queen Elsa seems to have everything under control and finally accepting herself. But everything changes when she starts to hear a voice calling her. Although she ignores it at first the voice gets louder and before Elsa can notice, she follows the voice into the unknown.

Frozen 2 brings the two sisters the closest they have ever been before, but they have to overcome some obstacles first. The new movie is Elsa’s adventure of self-discovery, and takes viewers back to the sisters’ childhood to explain Elsa’s powers and why she has them.

The soundtrack is phenomenal and all the music is original to the movie. There is no song like “Let it Go”, but there are some new songs that are close to it, such as the famous “Into the Unknown” and “Show Yourself” both by Idina Menzel as the voice of Elsa.

 The movie also touches on some important and real topics such as self-doubt, self-acceptance, and sadness. These feelings are portrayed by the main characters in a very accurate way, showing that it is sometimes hard to keep going, but in the end, everyone will find the place where they belong.

Frozen 2 is a great movie for the whole family. Animation and details are much better than the previous movie and it tells a beautiful story. It is not like most princess movies where the answer to the problems is Prince Charming, instead, the sisters only need each other which is empowering and encouraging.

I give the movie a five-star review because I think it is a must-see and I genuinely enjoyed the cinematic experience from Frozen 2.  This was the missing piece for Elsa’s adventure.