The Drama Department presents Chicago at Pinecrest Gardens

Lara Russell-Lasalandra

 Photo by Laura Attarian.
Andrea Park, Carolina Diego, Mica Einhorn, and Alina Hernandez rehearse their parts for the drama fall play. The play will run Nov. 9-10 at Pinecrest Gardens.

The Drama department’s Chicago The Musical High School Edition ran Nov. 9-10, at 7:30pm, at Pinecrest Gardens. 

Based on the long-running Broadway play, Samuel French’s play satirizes the corruption in the criminal justice system during jazz age Chicago. The cast performed their rendition of the musical’s show-stopping hits, such as The Name on Everyone’s Lips, All That Jazz, Razzle Dazzle, and When You’re Good to Mama.

Cast members included juniors Gabrielle Hagenlocker played Roxie Hart, and Raul Mederos played Billy Flynn, and senior Alexandra Lofgren played Velma Kelly.

“I couldn’t wait to perform amongst such an amazing cast,” said Hagenlocker.

The cast rehearsed every day after school to prepare for their performance, including full day rehearsals at Pinecrest Gardens leading up to opening night.  The hard work paid off as the cast captivated their audiences.    

“Being in a play is a big commitment but it’s all worth it,” said Mederos.