Video: Global politics students share their passions at the Pass the Mic event

Kathleen Lewis and Pedro Schmeil



We would first like to show our appreciation to Teaching Tolerance for making this event possible, and to NC State Extension for working in collaboration with #PasstheMicYouth.

Fueled by a passion for activism, global politics students held an after school informational showcase on October 3, geared towards promoting youth activism. Guest speaker Mila Angeletti spoke out on the Back2Earth organization, an NGO she created alongside her siblings that facilitate composting around Miami. She talked about how easy it is to make a difference at such a young age. Students were also able to use this event as a platform to raise awareness on a political issue that they’re passionate about. The Flik Dining Service also served a selection of food and dessert. Kokozos aspires to create another Pass the Mic event next year with the current Juniors, and plans on making it a larger and more upscale event.