Students Explore the Kennedy Space Center


Bianca Corgan

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On Friday Mar. 11, seventeen students traveled to the Cape Canaveral, Florida to tour the Kennedy Space Center. The students had the opportunity to learn about the different space programs and how they have evolved over the years while exploring actual shuttles and materials from NASA.

“It is amazing to see how a program
that was primarily used as leverage in the Cold Car is still able to prove itself as one of the best investments the U.S. government has made in the past years,” said senior Thiago Burgani De Souza.

The trip began as the students explored the Rocket Garden, which has several replicas of the rockets launched by the United States. Afterwards, students had the opportunity to attend a live theater presentation that highlights the current goals of NASA.

“I loved learning about the Space Program. As an Astronomy club officer I have always been interested in the different space programs and it was amazing to see the actual rockets and shuttles,” said senior Isabella Aires.

At 1:30 p.m. the students started the bus tour, including special features into restricted areas. They were able to see up close the buildings of NASA, KSC, Space X and Boeing, which are all separate entities working towards the same goal
of exploring our space system. During the tour, students listened to presentations about the US space program and drove by the hangar that keeps the largest rocket in the world as well as two of the rocket launch pads.

“The trip provided students with the opportunity to explore an important realm of science,” said science teacher Mrs. Michelle Diaz.

The students ended the day at the Apollo Saturn V center, where students were able to enjoy the exhibits regarding the Apollo missions.